Previous Performances
The ‘Previous Performances’ section of the history gives a list of all the plays we have put on, who wrote them and when we did them. Some of the more recent plays have comprehensive information on them, e.g. the casts, the crews, info about the play, info about the playwright and our chairman’s address for the year.

John O’Sullivan
The section on John O’Sullivan is taken from a special programme brought out when we put on ‘The Black Stranger’ in memory of him just after his death in spring 1997. It contains articles by some of our group, some people from Kilmeen Drama Group of which he was a part before founding Skibbereen Theatre Society, also from people who knew him from the panto and from his work as an agricultural advisor. He will always remain in our memories.

Paddy Keohane
This is a note on the passing of Paddy Keohane, of Kilmeen Drama Group, who was a great friend of and influence on Skibbereen Theatre Society.