“On The Black Hill” comes to the Town Hall October 13th

On Tuesday, October 13, ajtc theatre company from the UK will make their first visit to Skibbereen Town Hall, where they will present their acclaimed production of ‘On The Black Hill.’

‘For forty- two years, Lewis and Benjamin Jones slept side by side, in their parents’ bed, at their farm which was known as ‘The Vision’.’
So begins Bruce Chatwin’s award winning tale of twinship, love and belonging, set on the border of England and Wales.

Charles Way’s beautiful new adaptation captures the harsh realities and humour of farming life and the unique struggle of the twins, who have one identity but two realities. Their remarkable lives span almost the whole of the last century and throw an extraordinary light on the values of our changing times through war and peace. Bound together an yet driven apart by nature they struggle to find meaning and purpose in their existence which, finally, is dominated by one question. Who will inherit their farm, their ‘Vision?’

‘On The Black Hill’ gets under way at 8pm on Tuesday 13th and tickets (€15) may be booked in advance through Thornhill Electrical, Skibbereen, on 028-22557.

On The Black Hill

On The Black Hill